Member Responsibilities

Our mission here at DCP is to provide a nurturing environment for you and your child to grow and learn. As such, parents are required to fulfill certain time and effort commitments that are vital in making the cooperative a success:

  • One parent per family is required to work on a rotating schedule during your child’s class time at one activity station. Examples of stations are: Blocks, Play, Story, Art, Outside and Kitchen. Station assignments will be posted in the class and will rotate every two weeks.
  • One Parent must attend orientation. (Both parents are encouraged to attend).
  • Co-op members participate in all fundraisers. These are to be determined, but we favor a twice yearly contribution from each family. Proceeds will cover toy replacement, new toys, site improvements and other miscellaneous expenditures.
  • Each member must serve on one classroom committee plus one events committee or on the board of trustees. Average time spent on committee work is two to four hours each month.
  • Each member completes one “deep clean” of the classroom with a team of other parents, as well as signing up for 1 or 2 weekend cleans per year, dependent on enrollment.