Back to normal!

Welcome back!  I’m hoping everyone is getting back in to their “normal” activities after the stormy weather last week.  We are nearly half way through the 2011-2012 school year already and have lots of things happening at DCP over the next few months.  The Board will be meeting at the beginning of February to decide when to best make up the missed days from last week.  It appears that the most logical dates to make up the days would be to add a week on to the end of school year (May 28-June 1).  Once the dates have been approved by the board, we will send out a revised calendar.

Registration time is almost here!

Returning families and Alumni can begin registering for the 2012-2013 next week (February 1st).  To register your child(ren), you will need to complete the Registration Form, Parent Agreement, and pay the registration fee of $130.  We will open registration to New Families starting March 1st.  If you have questions about registration, please contact our Registrar Mireille Bellemare:   The new 2012-2013 schedule is available on the Paperwork page along with all the other necessary forms.

Open House

A big part of advertising for the school happens at the Open Houses.  The next Open House is scheduled for Thursday, February 9th, 11am-1pm and 6:30-8pm.  We will have a teacher and board member here to talk about the school and give tours.  We will also be posting flyers around the towns to promote the Open House.  This is a great opportunity for new families to see our wonderful preschool space.

Board Positions Open:

We have many of the board positions filled for next year but need your help to fill the two remaining positions.  We are currently looking for a President and Treasurer.  The position of President could be shared (Co-Presidents) if needed.  Both of these positions are critical to the daily function of the school.  We will also need Parent Leaders for each class.  If you have questions or are interested in any of the position, please contact me.

Read-a-thon  Update:

A huge THANK YOU to all the families of DCP who helped raise over $1,800 for the school!!!  If you haven’t already done so, please make sure to send a thank you to all the family, friends, and neighbors who helped make our Read-a-thon a huge success.

DCP Carnival:

The DCP Carnival will be held on Saturday, April 28th from 11am-2pm.  This event requires all families to participate, so please reserve the date on your calendar.  The Carnival will be our second fundraiser and will hopefully allow us to hit our fundraising goal of $100 per family.  The Carnival team will be contacting each class to put together a basket for a raffle as well as organize booths and food sales.  The Carnival is designed for preschool aged kids in the Duvall/Carnation Community.

Book sale:

On the date of the Carnival (Saturday, April 28th), we will be holding a used book sale.  Please tell friends and family that we would LOVE to have them give us their used books – both adult and children’s books.  Books can be brought to school and left in the book sale bin located by the front door.

Deep Clean:

Due to the weather last week, we had to cancel the Deep Clean.  We will be rescheduling the Deep Clean for a later date.  As a parent of DCP, you are required to participate in one Deep Clean per year.  The other Deep Clean takes place in May.

Thank you for making DCP a great school for our kids!

Christine Hillestad – DCP Board President

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