Siblings can attend school together? Yes, it’s true!

DCP is offering a new class this class fall. The Multi-Age, family style class is offered on Friday mornings from 9:30-11:30 a.m. and is open to children birth to age 4. Families with siblings under the age of 4 are welcome to attend with their parent as well as a single child with their parent.

The class will have a time of exploration in the school’s centers like art, sensory, blocks, dramatic play, and reading/writing nook with curriculum based on weekly themes, as well as group circle time and large motor play. The mix of older students with younger students will help build positive social skills for the older children as well as examples of higher development for the younger children. Parents receive their Lake Washington Technical College parent education piece monthly in class so they have a chance to nurture and grow their own parenting skills and meet other parents in their community.

For more questions regarding the class and it’s openings, please contact our registrar Julie at (425) 533 6617. This class is $35 a month for a single child, $45 a month for two children, + $130 registration fee.

Want to know more about our openings in the 2’s class, 3’s class, and new Multi-Age class?
Attend our OPEN HOUSE!
Wednesday August 25th
Bring your children, your spouses, and your questions for us teachers!
Can’t wait to meet you!


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