Testimonial: The Hagstrom family

Once in a while, we receive some kind words from our member families. Here’s what mom Amy Hagstrom said recently about DCP:

“Singing and dancing, artwork, learning to listen and take turns, playtime inside and out – what could be more fun for my 2.5 year old daughter and myself?

We’re enrolled in the 2’s class and have been with it for a couple months now.  It has been very fun and helpful for my daughter, myself, and my husband.  Often the day before preschool my daughter will be saying throughout the day “tomorrow is preschool!” with steady enthusiasm; she definitely loves it.  Now during bathtub time at night she often gathers her ducks in a circle for “circle time” – just like at preschool.  And then we’ll sing songs together learned at preschool.

It is great to be there myself one of the two days a week; my daughter gets a chance to be on her own some, and I get a chance to be involved and watch and learn from the teachers, parents, and kids at the same time.  Duvall Cooperative Preschool works extremely well for us.”

Thanks Amy! It is our privilege to have you in our preschool!

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