Welcome back, DCP parents and little friends!

Firstly, on behalf of our new board, allow me thank the parents and teachers who have worked so hard all summer for our second year of preschool. Duvall Cooperative Preschool is truly the wonderful result of much hard work and dedication that our board and staff have put in these last few months.  We are very excited once again to open our doors to serve our little town as its first and only community-driven, non-profit cooperative preschool and we hope that with your continuing support, we will be able to thrive in the years to come!

Now on to some school business: SAVE THESE DATES!

  • Sept 3: The board will be moving items from the “White House” to our school. DONE!
  • Sept 4: Saplings Playdate @ Taylor Park 10.30am. This is a casual get-together for parents in our older class. Simple snacks will be provided. DONE!
  • Sept 11: Parent Orientation Night @ DCP (WRECK Center) 7pm. This will be THE most important meeting of the year where we will be going through all the basics you’ll need to know about being a co-op parent at DCP. We will run our Risk Management Training, our Station Duties walkthrough and you will, of course, get to meet our teachers Ms. Christine and Ms. Tara as well as your board. We will also be taking care of other school business such as nominating a secretary, getting all the committees sorted out, making sure you’ve got all your paperwork squared away (kits will be given away) and so on. There will be a meet-and-greet after the training. If you have not paid up your registrations and first month’s tuition, you may do so at this meeting.
  • Sept 18 Sept 22 Monday: Parent Ed @ DCP 7 – 9pm for the Saplings and Sept 18 Thursday at Andrea McKiernan‘s house for the Sprouts (please email her if you need an address). Topic: Class-Interactive Parenting in a Co-op Preschool (for both classes). Don’t forget to bring your September tuition checks!
You can access all these dates and more by clicking on our Google calendar. Our school year calendar (in Adobe PDF format) is downloadable for your printing pleasure here. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader here, FOC.
Please feel free to email me jennemede [at] gmail.com should you have any questions or your parent leaders Andrea McKiernan (Sprouts) at andrea [at] mckiernan-family.com and Sandy Teakell (Saplings) at sandylou [at] cablespeed.com. 
Once again, welcome back to DCP friends and parents, and here’s to a fabulous new year!
Jennifer Tai
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