Why I Opted for Co-op, by Flor Gant

I am a working mom who would never have thought that co-op would work for me.

When I first learned that Duvall Co-operative Preschool was about to open in our community, I was somewhat intrigued and wanted to get to know more about it, so I went to their website.

I liked the idea of the nurturing, play-based environment where the children and their families work and grow together in the classroom and in our small community. I wanted to be involved in a small simple way in my daughter’s early education. I think that being in the classroom with her and the other kids–contributing to their education–is a very satisfying feeling. With the teacher and moms working together, these kids surely are better nurtured with love and guidance.

The co-op has provided all the kid’s moms with a way of building a good and lasting friendship and family support. I am thankful that the opening of DCP came at the right time when I was seriously looking for a preschool for my daughter.

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