DCP Committee Assignments

The list is out!

We have since consolidated our initial seven committees to five to better distribute our resources and number of parents enrolled in our program (18 to date). Parent ed is now together with Book Club, and Fund Raising with Special Events.

Know that we have made the assignments that best accommodate all your preferences as stated in your registration form. Some committees will require more parents to run than others but they are all important to the success of our preschool.
The committee assignments are as follows:
Fund Raising and Special Events
Candice Perkins
Kiasa Kuykendall
Susan Bhavsar
Jennifer Tan
Book club and Parent Ed
Natalie Shettlesworth
Flor Gant
Meriaten Long
Maintenance and facility
Thalia Ryer
Mathilda Lee
Amy Falodia
Ana Venegas
Safety and administration
Sandy Teakell
Heather Downing
Melissa Lutzenhiser
Sara Davis
Teacher assistance
Maya Wallach
Susie Kretzschmar
Tara Orman

As these committees will be newly formed, the duties of each committee are still undefined, and will be discussed by the newly elected board after Sept 13th.
In the mean time, we will need one parent from each committee to come forward and volunteer as Committee Lead. Since the committees are new, these Committee Leaders have the opportunity to define the roles and duties of their committees together with the Board, so as to ensure that the needs of the preschool are met adequately.
So let us know if you are up for the job!
Once again, thank you for being a part of our new preschool. You are helping to make history in our little town as well as continue the rich legacy of parent cooperative education in Washington! 


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