DCP hires multi-age class teacher; relocates to Big Rock Road!

Dear parents and prospective parents of DCP,

We here on the interim board of the DCP are working hard to make sure the school is up and running by September.

We are excited to report two key updates:

Our appointment of Miss Ninder Purewal-Gill
As mentioned in one of our last emails, we have recently hired our threes/fours multiage class teacher. We are happy to confirm Ninder’s appointment, and you can read all about her here.

Change of location
As many of you may be aware, Lake Washington Technical College, with which we are affiliated, has purchased a piece of land right here in Duvall for the purpose of building their campus in the next few years. We are very fortunate to have been offered a more permanent location on this land, which is right up Big Rock Road, just a quarter of a mile up from Safeway (if you drive up Big Rock, it’s on the left). We will be using the whole ground floor of the property for our school. A picture of the location and a map is here. This location puts the school within city limits and cut commute significantly for most of the parents enrolled.

We will be busy cleaning, painting and furnishing the school these next two to three weeks. As always, if you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to email us here at dcpreschool@gmail.com.

Have a great rest of the summer!

Jennifer Tan
Interim Registrar


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