DCP progress update!

Dear parents/students of Duvall Cooperative Preschool,

Even as we enjoy the sunny, sweltering weather we’ve been having here in Duvall this summer, the DCP Interim Board members as well as our Lake Washington Technical College liaison Marion Holland, have been pretty busy setting up the school.

For one, we’ve been busy interviewing and hiring of teachers (as you know, we already have our Twos teacher, Miss Helen Deems).

At the same time, our treasurer/grants manager Sara and Marion from the college have been working hard on finalising the grants we need for the materials we need to set up the school. We have also been getting plenty of item donations from Duvall residents and other cooperatives – thank you so very much!


At yesterday’s meeting, we discussed a number of items, of which one is the streamlining the committees needed to run the school. We’ve come to the decision to keep things as lean as possible and as such, DCP will start its first year with five committees.

They are:

  • parent education/book club/library
  • teacher assistance
  • maintenance
  • safety and administration
  • special events and fund raising

While there are seven committees indicated in the registration forms, we will combine the book club with parent ed, and special events with fund-raising. We’ve also renamed Art, Crafts and Play to ‘Teacher Assistance’ so as to include other teacher-aid responsibilities that may be outside Art, Crafts or Play. For those who have submitted your forms, we will assign you to a committee based on your preference rankings to the best of our ability. Committee assignments will be handed out end of August.

Parent Board Elections

We have also tentatively decided to hold our Parent Board Elections on the week of 17th 20th of August, which will serve as our first school meeting where parents will get their Orientation Packets and be able to meet the teachers. Please check this site and your emails for the exact date and time (will be in the PM).

Executive Board positions to be elected include:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Registrar
  • Class Parent Leaders (two positions)

Attendance will be compulsory. Please let us know in advance if you are unable to attend.

Volunteer hours and misc. policies

Some of you may like to know that you are contributing some 100 hours per school year (34 weeks according to the Riverview school district calendar). This breaks down into the lab hours that you work (2.5 hrs per week – college credits are given for these hours), five school cleaning hours per year and a maximum of ten hours working in your chosen committee per year.

One of the school policies discussed during our meeting yesterday was whether mothers of newborn siblings of enrolled children are able to bring their babies to school during working hours. The Interim Board has decided that we will allow a three-month grace period where parents will be allowed to bring their newborns, provided that they are in a sling or carry-on with the parent during his/her working hours.


At present, enrollment is progressing positively. We currently have eight confirmed students for our twos class and nine for our multi-age threes/fours class. For parents who have not submitted their forms and checks, we look forward to your paperwork by 15 August 2007.

With this, we at DCP wish you all a great summer and we hope to see all of you at the board elections!

Jennifer Tan
Interim Registrar/Blog Manager

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