DCP is good for go!

We have some very exciting news!

As of yesterday, the interim board of the Duvall Cooperative Preschool has decided that we are a go.

Thanks to the publicity we have received in recent weeks, we have had very positive response to our program and are now able to confirm that we are moving forward with the school.

You may like to know that response towards our twos program was the most positive, and at time of writing, have 11 families who are interested in enrolling, with a total of 12 students.

Our threes and fours classes, unfortunately, have not filled up as fast (we have nine students in total for these two classes today). However, we believe that with the decision to go forward with the preschool with our current numbers, the preschool can gain momentum in terms of enrollment.

However, in the interest of time and more importantly, to give you the assurance that we are moving forward with the school, we have decided to rework the program that we believe will accomodate our numbers, and still be beneficial to both your children and the sustainability of the preschool.

The new program will be as follows:

A two-day Twos class
Monthly fee: $65 per child
Registration fee: $100 per family (enrolling not more than two children)

A three-day Threes/Fours multi-age class
Monthly fee: $95 per child
Registration fee: $125 per family (enrolling not more than two children)

Do note that if eventually our threes and fours class get ten students each, we will split them into their own classes.

The benefits of this new program include:

  • parents will get a drop-off day for the twos class
  • parents with older/younger children may do a childcare swap on the days with other parents working on a different day
  • parents of the threes class get an extra drop-off day

You will notice a slight increase in the fees. This is mainly due to the increase of days.

As such, there is no fee increase for the fours compared to the old program.

We believe that these changes will address some of the concerns made by parents of toddlers wanting to join the Twos class, who have siblings. As mentioned, these changes will now accommodate arrangements for childcare swap between enrolled parents.

If you have any concerns about the new program, do email us at dcpreschool@gmail.com and we will try to answer your questions promptly.

If you have not done so, please click to download our registration form here  or visit the Classes and Fees section of our website at www.dcpreschool.org to do so.

All registration forms and checks made out to “DCP” or “Duvall Cooperative Preschool” should reach our PO Box no later than Aug 15th 2007.

Thank you once again and we look forward to having your child and you at DCP this Fall.

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